Some Important Points To Look For While Buying Rubber Stamps


Rubber stamps are a crucial necessity at workplaces, schools, government offices, and pretty much any organisation. They help you manage your work, sort it out, and make sure everything is in its place. Rubber stamps help segregate work, promote your business, separate a certain stack of documents from another, or for any other purpose. You can even buy GSA and federal rubber stamps online because of how popular they have become. If you are looking to buy rubber stamps, here are some of the concerns you may have to address.

Quality Of The Logo:

Logos are meant to speak for the organisation they are meant to represent. They are meticulously designed, each detail incorporated for a purpose. Since rubber stamps are often placed on a small surface area, the designs often become one giant blur. All that careful designing goes to waste and company logos used as identifying marks or seals of approval on documents appear clumsy or messy. Before you decide on a company, make sure you have checked their repertoire, their previous orders and performance. Their accuracy in replicating your design on to their stamp is of utmost importance.

Bulk Proportions:

Consistency is as important as quality. Rubber stamps are usually ordered in hundreds, if not thousands. Since each individual workplace itself has so many of them around, uniformity is an absolute must. Making sure every piece is a perfect replication of your logo is crucial. You do not want two different floors of your office to have seals with varying degrees of sharpness on their documents now, would you? Finding a company which can deliver large quantities efficiently and promptly is a massive consideration. Several companies often skimp on quality to meet bulk orders. Do your background check before making an investment.

rubber stamp

Use For Children:

If you are getting quirky stationery for an unruly bunch of kindergarteners, then colourful, attractive rubber stamps are a great way to catch their attention. Kids love fun craft supplies and rubber stamps are an interesting way for them to decorate scrap books, make patterns on their notebooks, etc. If you are getting one for a school or for toddlers, try to get them as colourful as you can. Make sure the patterns are not monotonous and come in a variety of designs. Children tend to get bored easily, so it is absolutely necessary for you to have plenty of fun designs to catch their attention. A little sparkle could do the trick as well. But with kids, it is also crucial to check that the device has no sharp edges, that there are no small detachable kids which the child might ingest. The colours must not be toxic either since children get more colours on their skin and faces than their notebooks. Nobody wants nasty allergic reactions.

It is very important that your rubber stamps reflect what your business stands for. They are not just pieces of rubber; they embody the spirit of your organisation. Before you decide on a company, do your research, talk to people, read customer reviews and then make up your mind about rubber stamps.


How To Get The Perfect Rubber Stamps?


Rubber stamps are a necessity for any office, or even school. They are simple tools, but still absolutely indispensible. Rubber stamps may seem like a trivial detail, something you would easily overlook, but they go a long way in shaping the brand of your company. Rubber stamps are available almost everywhere, making it even harder to pick one. If you are looking to introduce rubber stamps in your organisation, or are wondering where to place the order, here are a few considerations you might have to make before you take the plunge.

Make Sure The Makers Understand Your Brand:

A logo or a company seal is not just a design, but a representation of what your brand stands for and how you want the world to perceive your company. So when you place an order for rubber stamps, make sure that they not only accurately replicate the design you give them, but they also understand the image of your brand. It is important that you share the same vision as them, so as to create an effective seal. Rubber stamps are used as seals of approval on all levels of an organisation, and ineffective understanding can cost you dearly. Therefore it is important that you talk to them and they are on the same page with you when it comes to establishing brand image.

Specialised Stamps:

When you are trying to get a rubber stamp for your school or office or for even personal reasons, design it accordingly. For example, rubber stamps can be a fun addition to your kindergarten routine since children find them exciting. If you are bringing them in for children, getting attractive designs instead of monotonous prints is a great way to make classes more interesting. Colourful, sparkly designs are a good idea for toddlers who want to decorate their scrap book. On the other hand, if you are looking for an official logo for your company, make sure it is crisp and elegant. Solid colours which make a statement are a great way to make a strong impression.

Free Shipping:

This is one of the most important things you need to consider when making an order. Picking large numbers of rubber stamps up physically from an office is tedious, time consuming and difficult. Most companies nowadays offer free shipping services as it is part of company policy. Even online companies offer prompt delivery at no additional cost. Free shipping takes away a lot of your stress and reflects well on a company’s customer service and ethics.

Economical Pricing:

It is important to strike the right balance between quality and pricing. Splurging is not sustainable in the long run, but skimping on efficiency to save money is never a good option. Look for discounts, specialized offers, coupons, etc. Bulk orders sometimes turn out to be more cost efficient than individual orders.

Rubber stamps may seem like a tiny detail, but they can make a huge difference to your company. They must not be treated carelessly. So the next time you are looking to purchase new rubber stamps, make an informed decision.